General rules 

  • To ensure an adequate organization and to ensure that this event can be considered as a private event, the prior registration is mandatory. There is no possibility to register the day of the tournament. Only the ones being registered can enter in the tournament room.
  • The number of tournament participants is limited to 80. In the case of more than 80 participants wants to participate, the late registrations will be placed on «waiting» list.
    Please note that your registration is confirmed when the payment is received on the bank account of the organizers.
  • The organizers reserve the right to refuse any registration without having to justify their decision.
  • Your registration is validated when your name appears in the list of participants published on this site with the mention «payment received».• Pinball are available throughout the day to registered players, even outside the tournament. Please, however, give priority to players who perform “official” games.
  • Pinball machines will be free of charge.
  • Anyone with violent behavior towards a pinball machine will be permanently excluded from the tournament and the room.

Tournament Rules

  • All pinball machines used during the tournament are set in 3 ball mode without extra if this is technically possible. The slope, the setting of the opening of the outlanes, the sensitivity of the tilt, the presence or not of the “danger” or any other adjustment is left to the discretion of the owner.
  • In case, however, an additional ball is awarded, the player throws at maximum power if it is a manual pitcher and then no longer touch the pinball in any way until the end of the ball.
  • Any cheating or attempted cheating will be sanctioned by exclusion from the tournament.
  • In the case of a blocked ball, the player must advise the organizer as soon as possible. The ball will be replaced in the launch lane.
  • A failure that does not cause the ball (for example non-working switch) to be lost is not considered a valid reason for the cancellation of the current game.
  • In case of dispute, the decisions of the organizers are sovereign.

Qualifying rounds

  • At 10:30 am, groups of 4 or 5 players will be drawn. Please note, in case of late arrival, tournament participation can not be guaranteed.
  • Each player will play two games against each of his opponents: one for which he will choose the pinball machine and start the game, the other on a pinball chosen by his opponent where he will play second.
  • Qualifying rounds will start at 10:45 am and end at 15:00. Unplayed games will be considered lost by both players.
  • Each player will not be able to choose the same pinball twice but will be able to choose a pinball on which his opponent has already played.
  • Once the game is over, the two players will complete the score sheet and sign it.
  • In each group, the two players with the highest number of wins will be qualified for the next round.
  • In the event of a tie for a qualifying place, direct confrontations will be taken into account. A game will be played on a flipper drawn if it is still tied.

Final rounds

  • Groups of 4 players are drawn.
  • The flipper and the order of passage are also drawn.
  • At the end of the game, the first receives 5 points, the second 3 points and the third 1 point
  • The process is repeated until a player has reached 10 points.T
  • The two players with the most points pass to the next round.
  • The process is repeated until there are only 4 players left.


  • Three finals will be organized: A “junior” where the 16-year-olds who have ranked highest will compete, a “small” final to which places 5 to 8 will be awarded and finally the one that will designate the Winner of the tournament.
  • The flipper and the order of passage are drawn.
  • At the end of the game, the first receives 5 points, the second 3 points and the third 1 point
  • The process is repeated until a player has reached 10 points.